Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Deposit

The following conditions are the sole conditions upon which articles and luggage are accepted for deposit.

1. “IOM LL” means Isle of Man Left Luggage


2. All luggage deposited, and where relevant any articles contained within such luggage, must:

  • be the personal property of the individual depositing it and is left at their sole risk;
  • be suitably packaged for deposit, appropriately sealed, contained and without extruding articles; and
  • not contain any article deemed hazardous or unsuitable by IOM LL (at its complete discretion), including without limitation: drugs, solvents, weapons, jewellery, explosives, food, live animals, fragile or perishable articles or articles the value of which when aggregated with all other articles in the baggage, exceeds a value of £100.

3. IOM LL reserves the right to:

  • request sight of suitable identification, where appropriate;
  • remove and/or refuse to deposit any luggage at its sole discretion;
  • inspect all luggage, and the contents of all luggage, at its sole discretion;
    keep a record of all baggage inspected;
  • sell, destroy or otherwise deal with any luggage not collected during the TT practice/race period and to retain any proceeds of such sale or other disposal;
  • charge a further fee of £30 administration plus the cost of postage (calculated to the nearest kilogram) for any luggage not collected at the pre paid collection date during the TT practice/race period but requested by the customer to send via Royal Mail;
  • destroy or otherwise dispose of any luggage (or any part thereof) that IOM LL reasonably considers to be a risk to the security or health and safety of its employees, agents or other representatives or to the general public or where such luggage is considered to breach these terms and conditions.

4. IOM LL may hold luggage at the storage facility at which it was deposited, or elsewhere at it absolute discretion.


5. An identifier tag will be issued for each item of luggage deposited. Once deposited, articles cannot be retrieved separately from the luggage.


6. Luggage will be returned on presentation of the identifier tag and payment of any outstanding sums due, during opening hours of the venue at which the identifier tag was issued and IOM LL is entitled to rely on the identifier tag as proof of ownership or of authority to collect.

IOM LL may return the luggage to an individual without the identifier tag if IOM LL is reasonably satisfied (at its absolute discretion) that the individual is the depositor or has the depositor’s authority. In such cases the individual concerned will be required to provide sufficient proof of their identify and sign an indemnity disclaimer of IOM LL’s liability. Any such return may only be authorised by a Manager and shall be recorded accordingly. IOM LL accepts no liability for baggage returned to the incorrect person.


7. IOM LL recommends the customer record the issued identifier tag digitally by means of a smart phone.


8. IOM LL shall have no liability for:

  • any act, neglect or fault caused by IOM LL employees not within the scope of their employment;
    loss of data from any electronic or storage device;
  • loss or damage to any luggage (or article therein) deposited contrary to these terms and conditions;
  • loss, damage, mis-delivery or detention of any luggage, and all articles included therein, above £100 per identifier tag issued; or
  • special, general, indirect or consequential loss or damage or loss of profits.

9. Luggage is deposited in accordance with any laws, regulations or byelaws applicable to the venue at which the luggage is deposited, including, without limitation, any imposed by the owner or operator of that venue.

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